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Timothy Christopher Ryan developed a passion for performance and storytelling from a young age. This innate love for the stage and creative expression led him to pursue a career in the performing arts, ultimately transforming him into a renowned performer, artistic director, and producer.

Timothy's educational journey began at Federation University, where he studied acting and graduated in 2011. His thirst for knowledge and desire to explore the world of immersive theatre led him to continue his studies, earning an honours degree focused on Immersive Theatre from the same institution in 2012. These experiences provided him with a solid foundation in the performing arts and prepared him for a successful career.

In 2015, Timothy founded Scratch Arts, initially establishing the company in a warehouse in North Melbourne. This creative hub featured 14 artist studios, a theatre, a gallery, and a 600-person events space. After two successful years, Timothy decided to pivot Scratch Arts' focus, transforming the organisation into an LGBTQIA+ theatre and events company that continues to thrive today.

Throughout his career, Timothy has produced numerous exhibitions, shows, and events under the Scratch Arts banner. One of his most notable achievements is the creation of Blanke Pop, an event that showcases LGBTQIA+ performance artists. This celebrated event has toured various cities, including Melbourne, Ballarat, Frankston, Sydney, and Adelaide.

Another of Timothy's standout productions is the theatre show Moist, which has won multiple awards, received numerous five-star reviews, and toured Australia.

Timothy has also been fundamental in the creation of Q-Lit, Victoria's LGBTQIA+ writers festival. Q-Lit offers free workshops, masterclasses, panel discussions, and showcases in metropolitan and regional areas, further demonstrating Timothy's commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity in the arts.

Timothy Christopher Ryan's extraordinary journey from a passionate student of acting to a trailblazing artistic director and producer is a testament to his dedication, talent, and vision. Through his work with Scratch Arts and other ventures, Timothy has left an indelible mark on the Australian arts scene and continues to inspire and nurture creativity in others.




Timothy has been working on Scratch Arts since 2015 - to find out more and see the current and upcoming projects have a look through the website and socials.

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