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Timothy Christopher Ryan is a Melbourne based performance artist and producer. Spectacular, surreal and subversive, creating theatre that propels queer art out of the closet and into the arms of an unsuspecting audience - threatening to snap the brittle bones of contemporary Australian culture.

Timothy’s approach to their art-form is passionate and professional. Their formal education, a BA Acting (Hons) from Federation University, underpins over ten years’ experience in acting, physical theatre and performance art.


They are a shape-shifter whose unique approach to their craft places them at the forefront of alternative theatre. In a multitude of guises and arenas, Timothy has thrilled and delighted audiences worldwide and they’ve always got plans for more!


Timothy Christopher Ryan is a producer of events and performances that are as perfectly executed as they are (often) preposterous. Ryan specialises in working on projects with experimental design and a contemporary edge – that is, the production of the unexpected. The events and performances that Timothy produces focus on the contemporary and queer, spotlighting the diversity of identity and creative expression of artists that might otherwise remain in the shadows of the mainstream. 

With over 10 years’ industry experience tucked into his cummerbund, Timothy Christopher Ryan has spearheaded a diversity of events Australia-wide. They’ve programmed performers and toured productions to major festivals including Rainbow Serpent, Burning Seed, The Village Festival and Ballarat Heritage Weekend. For the past two years they’ve also produced and hosted Blankë Pop, a monthly performance art club night, that shakes the Melbourne scene and tours interstate.
In 2015, Ryan established their own professional arts company, Scratch Arts, and a large community arts space in a former glass factory in North Melbourne. The space included 25 studios, a performance space, gallery and 800 capacity events space. While the arts space succumbed to building developments in 2017, Scratch Arts lives on as a dynamic and productive enterprise.
Timothy Christopher Ryan graduated with a BA Acting (Hons) from Federation University in 2012 and for the past three years has produced and taught for the Victorian Drama Leagues youth school holidays drama program, Theatrecraft Youth Unlimited. They’ve also completed a Certificate IV in Business, participated in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, and have been the recipient of grants from the Yarra City Council, Australian Arts Council, Burning Seed Arts Committee, Ballarat Arts Foundation and City of Ballarat.




Timothy has been working on Scratch Arts since 2015 - to find out more and see the current and upcoming projects have a look through the website and socials.

Click here to visit the Scratch Arts website.

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