Moist - Producer and Performer
A racy and hilarious adult physical theatre spectacle that celebrates a range of different bodies and abilities. Moist combines circus, physical theatre and comedy whilst addressing themes around male relationships and our use of the precious recourse of clean water.
Winner of Adelaide Fringe weekly award for physical theatre.
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Soggy - Producer and Performer
We’re off on a wacky adventure to help Soggy find some water. He’s as thirsty as a whale in the desert and he’s looking for his friends so they can help him out. Grab your hula hoop and a glass of water, find your towel and practice your handstands… Soggy’s going to any length possible to find a refreshing drink. 
Through storytelling, dance, acrobatics and performance art we teach kids how to share with one another and the need for access to clean water. We aim to empower our audiences to question stereotypes and explore ways of working with one another, leaving them inspired to build a better future.

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BLANKË POP - Creative director, producer, host and performer.
Born in 2018 as a wild performance art party, featuring disco & house music and glowing blacklight immersive installations, Blankë is presented monthly in Melbourne, every second month in Ballarat and will soon to be touring to Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra.
Described as a rebel rave for misfits and queers, Blankë is what queer parties should be: welcoming, unhinged, and with excellent music pumping through your veins. It's an unearthly delight - a neon playground where we dance and chill and love openly, visited by performers that inspire with audacity. The performers at Blankë bleed self-expression and acceptance, and their respect for sexuality and self love is contagious.
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THE VILLAGE FESTIVAL - Operations manager and marketing manager.
Presenting large scale theatrical spectacles and touring community based festivals in Melbourne and Regional Victoria.
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